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Tape One - Digital Download

Tape One - Digital Download

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Join Rapha and Airith in the scorching desert as they flee from Mother's relentless Valdovas. Facing a showdown, they hold a secret weapon that could change everything. Dive into a thrilling comic where alliances shift, powers emerge, and secrets unfold. Will they survive? Find out in our first issue! 

Experience the entire Airithverse in action! In response to overwhelming demand, we've made our PDFs absolutely FREE. Now, even if you missed our sold-out comics, you can still dive into the captivating world of Airith.

“The story is epic, the characters are unhinged and the art is outstanding. Bryan has managed to create a world that is both shockingly new and yet has the familiar sensation of a fun acid flashback. This is a show I would happily binge.” - Simon Oré, President, Starburns Industries Press

Written and Created by: Bryan Butvidas
Artwork by: Nicolás Colacitti

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