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Collision of The Seven Moons



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In the mystical realm of Melodia, where magic and music intertwined, there were seven radiant moons that graced the night sky. Each of these moons possessed unique and extraordinary powers, and their presence brought harmony to the land.

These moons were known as the Seven Sirens, and they were believed to be the protectors of Melodia, keeping it safe from the looming darkness known as "The Void." The Void was an ancient evil force, seeking to consume the magic of Melodia and plunge it into eternal darkness.

The legend foretold that if the Seven Sirens were ever to collide and form the Mother Moon, a cataclysmic event would occur. The Mother Moon would possess unimaginable power, capable of either saving Melodia from The Void's grasp or bringing about its destruction. The fate of Melodia hung in the balance, waiting for the day when the moons would collide.

"Collision of The Seven Moons" (Kolishun ov The Sevn Muns) introduces us to Echo, a spirited young woman, who discovers her extraordinary destiny as a Metal Muse. As The Void's sinister influence spreads, Echo learns to channel the raw energy of heavy metal, aided by The Crypt, her band of raised undead, her spirit guardians known as the Sugar Demons and her loyal army, The Choir. Guided by an ancient prophecy, Echo embarks on a heroic quest to awaken majestic cosmic creatures through her melodic incantations, rallying them to combat The Void's encroachment.

With an ensemble of defiant warriors wielding instruments as weapons, Echo's journey spans the galaxy, igniting hope in the hearts of those oppressed by darkness. The climactic showdown approaches as The Void's forces escalate, pushing Echo and her allies to the seven moons of Melodia, each harboring immense power. The moons' alignment holds the key to both victory and doom. In a symphony of defiance, Echo's powerful anthems clash with The Void's dissonant army, resulting in an epic battle of celestial proportions. The very fabric of reality quivers as the forces of harmony and discord collide. Echo's voice becomes a conduit for cosmic energies, intertwining with the melodies of her allies, leading to an electrifying crescendo.

In a heart-wrenching twist, Echo falls in battle against The Void, sacrificing herself to save her allies. But her journey doesn't end there. Summoned by The Choir, an ancient cosmic force that maintains balance, Echo is reborn as the Metal Princess Airith Saga. United with the essence of the universe itself, she becomes a symbol of unity and hope, leading an interstellar battle that transcends the boundaries of life and death.


The Power of Resilience:

The Power of Resilience: "GOSSIP" from Collision of The Seven Moons

In the grand symphony of Airith Saga's "Collision of The Seven Moons," there is a powerful and poignant track that stands out for its message of resilience and empowerment: "GOSSIP." 

Unveiling the Power of the Choir: The Lore Behind Airith Saga's Fandom

Unveiling the Power of the Choir: The Lore Behind Airith Saga's Fandom

In the ethereal realm of Airith Saga, a mystical connection binds the artist to her fans, and it goes far beyond the conventional relationship between musicians and their admirers.