PHASE ONE - Junkman Origins / Ashcan

Cinco de Dwarfo D4 backers and NFT holders will recieive a FREE copy along with a rare mini Junkman.

This 8 to 10 page ashcan will explore the origins of Junkman and setup the battle we will witness in DvJM.

PHASE TWO - Dwarfs vs. Junkman

Gamifying Your Comic Experience!

In Dwarfs vs Junkman, you will need to pick which team you want to back! Your first choice in this game is to either give your POWER POINT to #TEAMDWARF or #TEAMJUNKMAN by buying your favorite team's box set or single floppy cover. You can even play both sizes and grab both covers at a discount!

Once you've picked your team, you will be able to purchase POWER UPS, MONSTERS, WEAPON UPGRADES and SPECIAL MOVES that will give your team an advantage. Each card that is purchase is added to your campaign purchase. Each card is ONE-OF-A-KIND and will be an actual playable card within our Dwarfs vs. Board Game.

With each card purchase, team power point and time milestone hit, the story is altered and changed by YOU the player. Each week our production team will go over what cards were played and which teams got the most points and write pages based on your and other player's choices. YOU are literally writing the story and get to decide what happens and who wins!

Become Part of the Game!

Want to be thrown into the actual pages of Dwarfs vs Junkman? Then simply check out our four options below and get yourself, a friend or a family member battle dwarfified and fight Junkman with a personalized dwarf!

The Team