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Airith - Tape Two
Airith - Tape Two

Airith - Tape Two

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Comes with exclusive issue two pin, 🌈🌈💀👊 sticker, Airith Polaroid, and Airith cassette tape box. Collect them all!

📺 12-Page Supplement
Tape Two comes with the 12-page miniseries comic, The Adventures of Toddboy and Mox.

👾 Material
4-color with sweet satin paper and matte lamination.

📐 Sizes
A US standard 6.7" x 10.2" size comic with 48 readable bad ass pages.

📦 Shipping
Free parallel world shipping! Please refer to our FAQ for our return policy and additional shipping info.

💾 Note
Additional customs charges may apply if shipping outside of Earth's North America. *NOT A REAL TAPE. We just call our issues that.