A Güey Zine Issue 1

A collab of over 8 artists and writers showcasing short original stories

"I BOUGHT FOUR" - Narwhal


48 page zine with all stretch goal unlocks included.

  • Zine
  • 48 Pages of Original Content
  • Ships Feb 2023

Your new favorite zine is here! ComicsGuey is a collective of awesome creators with a shared mission: tell stories the way we want. We aren't here to follow trends or be part of a group. After all, once you read A Guey Zine you'll be following OUR lead because we are more than a bag of tamales.


Puto vs Puto

Art and Story by: Rich Ayala

Whats a puto to do when he needs a couch to crash on? What happens when 2 putos share the same baby momma? Find the answers in the panels of this comic strip and allow the Güey to show you how to NOT be a puto.


Art and Story by: Juanito

They say to be successful you need to make sacrifices. The question is: What kind of sacrifice are you willing to make?

Naut the Mute

Art and Story by: Eskivo

A dark fantasy nautical horror tale.

The Antagonist Club

Art and Story by: Dominique Arce

Oddilio and crew are invited to rando’s much-hyped birthday party. But will it live up to the weirdo's expectations? 

Go! Go! Zombie Soldier STERBEN

Art and Story by: Oliver Arce

 In a post-apocalyptic future, the mysterious dark hero known as Sterben walks between the living and the dead, searching for his origins while protecting what little remains of humanity.

Battle Kiwi

Art by: Ale Samada Story by: Stephen Velez

When his owner mysteriously vanishes, this high-tech assassin pup is set loose on the criminal underworld. This good boy has a bone to pick, and he will sniff out answers.


Art by: Dario Rodriguez Story by: David 'Brose' Dominguez

Reports of missing people plague Transylvania It’s up to Gabriel Van Hellsing to discover the cause and eliminate any threats to peace by any means necessary.

Hell Bitches

Art by: Juanito Story by: Bryan Butvidas

Satan's sin stones have been stolen by a gang of ghouls in hopes of using their power to take over the world! With Satan's power gone, he sends his top agents known as Hell Bitches to recover the stones back to their rightful owner!

bonus story

The Apepocalypse

Art by: Dario Rodriguez Story by: Oliver Arce & Bryan Butvidas

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